Welcome to http://www.northwestbankruptcyattorneys.com. This site is a tool that I have created to help answer questions of those contemplating bankruptcy. I know it is a tough choice, even the thought of filing a bankruptcy for many people causes them to break out into a cold sweat. It doesn’t have to be a scary event. With the right attorney and your honest disclosure, the filing of a bankruptcy is almost always a smooth process.

Bankruptcy is a tool that has its origins in biblical times when once every seven years, a Sabbatical year was held in which debts were forgiven. We have had some form of bankruptcy in America since 1800. Individuals and companies now have a variety of bankruptcy choices available to them depending on their situations.  Bankruptcy can help you deal with debt problems caused by loss of income, medical illness, divorce, or just a life altering event that leaves you with more bills than you can pay.  A bankruptcy can either wipe out all of your debt (with certain limited exceptions), or it can be used to restructure your debt and to pay back all or some of your creditors at better terms.

I have experience working for both creditors and debtors. This gives me a unique perspective into the working of the big banks which I have put to use in helping clients in bankruptcy. If you would like more information about filing for bankruptcy please click on the contact link above. Visit my firm at http://www.bankruptcy.curtislaw-pllc.com


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